About Us

Hello and Welcome to Dreamscape Engraving!


We are the Chavez family, allow me to tell you a little bit about ourselves and how we got started in the engraving industry:

We started our business like I’m sure other businesses have, all over a bad experience in the quality of a product or service.  One day my wife Marissa and myself decided to get a stone engraved with our last name.  The quality of the service was horrible and there was no depth in the lettering of our last name on our stone and the after-spray (when using a spray can to add color to the stone) was all over the stone.  Not to mention it took 7 weeks to receive our product back to us.  We brought it to the attention of the person doing the service for us and his explanation was his equipment was not capable of going deeper into the stone for the depth of the lettering.  When I asked him why there was color outside of the lettering, all over my expensive stone, he said it was windy outside and so he suggested “I should clean it off with the scoring pad myself.”  With that kind of response in the quality of service, we took it upon ourselves to do a little research about engraving.

With a little time and practice we became great at it!!!!!

Our whole family even started to get involved in the engraving services.  We then decided to start up a business and called it Dreamscape Engraving.  Specializing in the quality of services and a fast turnaround time.

We then took it a step further and decided not to just do strictly sandblasting rocks or stones, we are capable of doing special custom laser engraving on just about every item or product you can think of.  We can also engrave;  glass, granite, marble, leather, all type of metals, wood, we can even do markings on bluejeans, paper and other certain types of material.  We are pretty much limitless on what we are able and capable of doing, not to mention we are able to provide a mobile service, yes we are able to go to any on-site location.  Servicing the Quad Cities and surrounding areas!


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